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Coffee & Kate: Duchess Spotted Stuck in Traffic

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Happy Saturday! "Coffee & Kate" this weekend is better than just a chat, because we have some new photos of the Duchess to enjoy! Yesterday, Kate was snapped smiling behind the wheel of her Range Rover as she idled in London traffic. 

It's likely Kate was on a school-run, and in one image you can see a PPO sitting next to her. There is a full selection of photos on the Daily Mail here. Unfortunately, I can't tell what Kate is wearing, even in the images that are relatively close up, although she isn't wearing earrings.

While you are at the Daily Mail checking out Kate, you can also enjoy this photo-set of the Pipster riding her bicycle through London on Thursday. I love how often Pippa rides that bike, even in this chilly weather. 

Now we just need some pictures of Carole to make the day perfect. :) It's a busy morning for me, so pardon the brevity of this post. I hope wherever you are, you get some time to relax this weekend! 

Kate Goes Casual at Bond Primary School for Tennis Clinic

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

This morning Kate was at the Great Ormond Street Hospital wearing Boden, and this afternoon she changed to a casual ensemble to visit Bond Primary School and see the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative in action. Her dressed down ensemble will ring some bells!

After a quiet morning reception, it was back to fluttering flags and excited little voices this afternoon, as you can see in this video from Richard Palmer:
Love the laughter Kate brought with her here:

Another fun video, because really the tennis events are the most fun in motion:
Kate likes to get involved in the various training exercises, and today was no exception. I imagine she does these with George and Charlotte as she gets her own kiddies excited about a sport for which she has such a passion. 
Kate recycled her Monreal London track pants and wore another PlayBrave zip up. The consensus between Sara and Laura is that this is PlayBrave's Sophia Soft Shell in white. 

This is almost full recycle of the ensemble she wore to her LTA event in November. 

This morning, Kate drew comment by not wearing her engagement ring or eternity band. There were a number of hypotheses, but it has now been widely reported that she didn't wear the ring due to a minimal jewelry policy at the hospital. I can't remember Kate not wearing her engagement ring, even at hospitals, but it is possible she has taken it off for brief periods in the midst of an engagement, whereas today she just chose not to wear it (or the eternity band) for the entire event. It was back in place this afternoon.

Kate got some very sweet goodbye hugs, too. This video is making all the rounds:

Baby Cambridge! I can't wait for April! 

Kate Wears Boden for Visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital

After a busy day in Coventry yesterday, Kate was out again this morning. The Duchess began her day at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to open a new centre for children's health. Before any of the official duties began, Kate unveiled a "Designer Debut" as she emerged from her chauffeured car wearing British label Boden!

Apparently, this entrance is not accessible to the public, so Kate had a relatively quiet arrival - a change of pace form yesterday's waving fans in Coventry - but every now and again I don't mind a more subdued arrival, particularly when there is lots of space for beautiful arrival pictures.

Kate's visit included the usual types of activities you'd expect, like touring the facility, meeting staff and patients, and sitting in on the various therapies and activities the hospital offers. Among them was an art activity that Kate spent some time observing. 

She also told one very cute little guy that princess Charlotte likes olive pasta? I am not sure what olive pasta is...pasta made with olives, pasta with olive sauce. Whatever it is, it sounds delicious and serves as further proof that Charlotte has it together. 

Kate was on hand to officially open the centre, which she did with a few accompanying remarks. This might be her most relaxed and confident speech I have seen her give. She is speaking in a more natural cadence and didn't appear to use notes. Public speaking is clearly not something that comes easily to Kate. I have been focusing a lot on Myers-Briggs recently, and I think it is relatively clear she is an introvert, which is fine! I think her public remarks of late have been increasingly laid back and come across as thoughtful and sweet. 
Fashion! I am really excited to see Kate wearing Boden this morning. Boden is such a fantastic brand and I shop it often. This coat is the company's Lena and is hitting all my happy buttons, chiefly via the ruffled cuffs and collar. I am really into the ruffled look, as most of you know. The only drawback for me with this ensemble is the orange tone. Boden describes this color as "Red Pop," but like her Armani suit, it is photographing orange.  

Kate paired this coat with brown accessories, which is a fun little twist on her usual nude or black. She carried her suede Emmy London clutch, and Giulia suggested that she is wearing the same heels she wore to the RAF Valley in 2016, which were Russell & Bromley's "Pinpoint" pumps. 

Many of you will be happy to know that the dress underneath is her delicate peach dress worn with her Tara Jarmon coat on her wedding anniversary in 2013! I have the dress listed on Kate's Clothes as made by an "independent dressmaker." I know this is an ensemble that many had hoped would get a recycle. Obviously the coat is a little too spring for a January wear, but it is fun to see the dress today, even if it is just peeking out!

Kate brought out her Annoushka Baroque pearls for the morning, which are certainly fan favorites!

This is a big win. I love the details that are both on point for this season, but also very much in Kate's style profile. I also love where the hemline is hitting. It's not swamping her, but it isn't uncomfortably short. It is actually a universally flattering length (pregnant or not) and makes her legs look trim and picture perfect. Both today's Boden and yesterday's Mulberry share this hemline and it is working so well! 

Interesting to note that Kate didn't wear her sapphire engagement ring today, or her diamond Eternity band. I think this is the only time we have seen her simply sport her gold wedding band. 

Kate has tennis this afternoon, so tune back in when you have time! 

Kate's Day Coventry Wearing Mulberry

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Good morning all! (and to my American readers, Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday after our lovely three-day weekend. It's going to be a short week! :))  William and Kate were in Coventry today on a series of engagements, first among them a stop at the Coventry Cathedral.

Fluttering Union Jacks and waving fans were on hand to greet the royal couple as they arrived in the historic city.

Royal reporter Victoria Murphy shared a series of fun video clips as the Cambridges arrived. This one shows Kate thanking one of the couple's hosts:

William and Kate undertook a walk-about to thank fans who had gathered, some hours in advance, to meet the Duke and Duchess. Apparently, one little man was feeling a little worse for wear after waiting so long in the January cold. When Kate saw he was feeling unwell, she spoke with one of her PPOs who brought the boy a brown paper bag. Happily, he didn't need a sick bag in the end, and instead has a sweet story of his morning in Coventry with Kate.

St. Mary's Priory and Cathedral was the first edifice built on the site in the 11th century, followed by the medieval Cathedral built in the 16th century. Tragically, the magnificent church was bombed by the German Luftwaffe in November 1940. William and Kate toured what remains.

Coventry Cathedral/Esme Spurling 
I love medieval churches, even in ruins, and I love all the photos that came from this first stop of the morning.

Coventry Cathedral 
Coventry Cathedral has a cafe that is "aimed at providing work and opportunity for those overcoming drug and alcohol addictions." William and Kate met with staff and got a good look at the delicious menu produced by those participating in the program. Kate has done a lot of work this past year on mental health, born out of her work in addiction issues, so this was a familiar, but also nostalgic stop. It reminded me of the juice bar she visited on Valentine's Day several years ago.

William and Kate had a total of three stops on their itinerary, so after they attended a service in the modern cathedral they were off to Coventry University where they toured and officially opened the Science and Health Building. Rebecca English picked up and carried the baton at this stop with a number of great videos, too, starting with this cute one of Kate and William's arrival:

The highlight of this stop, for me, was the wiggle dance the couple participated in. Kate threw herself into the fun pretty easily, but at one point she looked at William as if to urge him to join in, and I can see him thinking, haven't I wiggle danced enough for the press in the past year? ;)  It's harder without the champers, I'm telling ya.

The state-of-the-art facility has a breathtaking array of training tools that simulate real medical scenarios, and the couple watched a faux appendectomy among other things. 
The duo's final stop was the Positive Youth Foundation. It is relatively usual for William and Kate to close the day with an event that highlights helping kids, and today was no exception. This organization supports young people in challenging situations to make choices that will maximize their potential. Right in both Kate and William's wheel house. 

Today was, of course, a recycle of her pink Mulberry coat. Kate wore this coat twice while pregnant with Charlotte, and today she paired it with her new Tod's block heels and her pink morganite drops from Kiki McDonough. She carried her Mulberry Bayswater, too. 

This is such a beautiful coat on Kate. I don't know if it is the collar and lapel pockets, or partly the fabric and the tailoring, but it is just so flattering. It has looked sharp and professional each time. Although I admit of the three wears, first here in New York in 2014:

...and again in March of 2015: is my least favorite, that's really because this hair length is just putting me on edge. The coat remains a huge win for Kate, because it is so flattering to her figure. By a third wear of any ensemble,(unless the dress or coat is really exceptional, or Kate's restyling is quite unique), I begin to feel a certain ennui, but this Mulberry is the coat that keeps scoring. I am not voting for a fourth wear, but I know so many of you wanted a recycle this pregnancy and I thought it was the perfect choice for today's itinerary.